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1971 BSA A70L

1971 BSA A70L Slide Show
Racing at Aztalan 2012 Video

Plymouth Heat Race 5-31-2013
Davenport Iowa 2012 Slideshow
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Davenport Race 8-31-2012 0381 Davenport Race 8-31-2012 0442 Davenport Race 8-31-2012 0483 Davenport Race 8-31-2012 0524 Davenport Race 8-31-2012 0645 DSC_03316 DSC_03357 IMG_48808 IMG_48819 IMG_488310 IMG_488511 IMG_488812 IMG_489113 IMG_489314 IMG_489615 IMG_489716 IMG_489917 IMG_490018 IMG_490219 IMG_491920 IMG_492421 IMG_494122
Head Before Work 2 Top End Work Rings, Valves and Guides Lighten and Polish Rockers 2
BSA A70L Head before work BSA A70L top end work
rings, valves, polished rockers
Rods Polished 2 70 Electra Glide 18
BSA A70L rods polished BSA A70L polished piston crowns
Rocker Lightening and Polish 2 A70 Top End
BSA A70L rockers before and after A70 top end
A70 Valve Train Trackmaster 750s Triumph and BSA
A70 Valve Train Trackmaster 750s Triumph and BSA
Triumph 750 Top End Overhaul Ready for Race Season
Triumph 750 Top End Overhaul BSA Ready for Race Season
Dan Scmidt 35 John Swartz 85 Sycamore Speedway 1970 Dan Schmidt and John Schwartz 2013
Dan Schmitt 35 John Swarts 85 Sycamore Speedway 1971 Dan Schmitt and John Swartz 2013


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